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Li textiles: links

The body of information on the Li of Hainan and their textiles gathered with help from contributors to the tribaltextiles.info forum continues to grow. Set out below are a number of links to web-based information.

Olivier's Li question A long running and informative thread on the tribaltextiles.info forum in response to a query initially posted in June 2002 by Olivier Tallec
Olivier's Li textiles Olivier shared photos of two different Li groups (possibly Mei Fu Li, Li Qi and a detail from a Ba-sa-dung Li blouse)
Pamela's Li textile collection A growing reference of Li textiles in the collection of Pamela Cross - photographing and creating photogalleries of Pamela's Li textiles is an on-going construction project.
Li women A photo of Li women, probably Ba-sa-dung Li, from a Japanese book on the Li: "Costumes of the Minority Peoples of China"
www.ethnoecho.com A set of clothing on the ethnoecho.com website showing some excellent photos of a Ba-sa-dung Li blouse and tube skirt.
Ba-sa-dung Li, Hainan A small group of photos of Ba-sa-dung Li from the September 1938 article in The National Geographic by explorer Leonard Clark of his 5-week trek through the interior of Hainan in the summer of 1937.
www.tribaltrappings.com A group of Li textiles on Susan Stem's Tribal Trappings website. At the Search page leave 'Category' and 'Status' boxes as 'All'. Put in 'Li' as search 'Keyword' and tick box 'Match whole word only' - then click 'Go' to see a feast of Li textiles as Susan is creating a wonderful reference of Li textiles from all the pieces which pass through her hands.
Li textiles: references A growing body of Information on the tribaltextiles.info site on a range of Li references with a particular focus on written references.  There are quotes from several books with links to bibliographic details.
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