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I have not yet visited Cambodia - although I hope to be able to do so in the future. However, I have started a bibliography and there are one or two links which may be of interest to people wanting to know more about the country, its people and their textiles. I am, therefore, creating a country gateway page as a basis for this material. I hope that it will be possible to expand it in the future. I would also very much welcome contributions from visitors to this website and invite them to share their knowledge either by contacting me or via the forum links.

ikkt Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles
silk revival Kikuo Morimoto - reviving silk production in Cambodia; Rolex Awards for Enterprise
forum Go to the www.tribaltextiles.info/community forum to find any posts on textiles from Cambodia and finding them in-country. Go to the 'Search' button in the top right of the screen to find all posts. Please join the forum to ask questions and to share your knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.
bibliography Details of some books from my collection which include Cambodian textile information.
shops Under construction: A list of shops selling textiles in or from Cambodia . Contribute your own experience via comments or the forum to keep the list a current resource for travellers. See some travel notes from Donna Lum who visited Siem Reap in May 2010.
travel facts For basic travel facts (including map) go to the Lonely Planet Laos information on the web. Check out the links they give for Cambodia.
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