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Author Topic:   can I be of help?
Sandra Shamis posted 12/24/02 5:51 AM     Click here to send email to Sandra Shamis  
I've had a great correspondence with Pamela. I've sent on some photos of my textiles and ethnographic shots of South Thailand which she will be posting. I'm homebound recovering from a critical illness and would love to answer questions. I also have some sources for tribal and Tai textiles here in the Bay Area, although most of my collecting was done in Thailand and Cambodia. I of course have no stake in any dealers, but for example, there is a store in Point Reyes, CA which has a number of items from the Hmong in Vietnam. The Laotian Handicraft Center in Berkeley (of which I was vice-president), closed while we were in Thailand. However we are renewing our ties to the Hilltribe communities, as my husband wrote the only grammer of Mien (Yao), and they all have ties to their countries. You can check out some of my articles in Google.Please feel free to contact me or post.
Serena Lee Harrigan posted 1/27/03 10:36 PM     Click here to send email to Serena  Lee Harrigan  
Hi Sandra,I'm in San Francisco and would love to see your textiles sometime. I have travelled in SE Asia since the 70's and always found the textiles and clothing fascinating. About 2 and half years ago I had the opportunity to visit northern Vietnam--a trip which astounded me and awakened my curiosity in the hilltribes of SE Asia. I am currently organizing a textile tour to Vietnam with Michael Howard, an anthropologist who has researched and written extensively about the textiles in many of these areas.I am also trying to connect with Hmong people in the Bay Area who may still remember their indigo dying and batik processes, so if you know anyone who might be willing to share their knowledge, please let me know. (I hope to develop this as a cultural revival project.) Thanks, Serena Lee Harrigan textile_odyssey3@yahoo.com
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