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Author Topic:  african patchwork origination
fay posted 2/2/03 2:59 PM    
Please tell me the origination of African patchwork textiles
posted 1/26/03 7:01 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela  
Fay, I am afraid that I do not know very much about African textiles so I am not able to help you much. I am not aware of much patchwork which originates in Africa (other than via colonial settlers). However, there is one indigenous form of patchwork which is made up of squares of narrow woven bands which are pieced together - Ewe Kente cloths from Ghana. I am putting a link to a website on African textiles (for sale) which has a page of these cloths - some excellent photos and the site also has some general info on African textiles. It may be that someone on this site can help you find out more. The site is certainly worth a look. Good luck, Pamela
posted 2/4/03 4:04 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela
Fay, here, I hope, is the link! See info on Kente cloths and then look at the photos via their link. Pamela

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