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Author Topic:   Vietnamies textiles
katie posted 9/8/02 2:59 PM     Click here to send email to katie  
I've just returned from a hiking trip in Vietnam, where I visited Sa Pa and the beautiful ethnic hill tribe people. I would have loved to have purchased some of their colurful weavings, especially the blankets, however i simply couldn't have fit them in my small back pack. Now that i've returned home i would love to somehow find a way to still purchase some of their textiles, particularly the patterns of the black moung people. If any one could suggest a contact for me i would be very appreciative.
posted 9/8/02 4:37 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela  
Dear Katie, I am afraid that you missed the best way of buying the textiles - on the spot from the people themselves and then find a post office to mail them home to yourself. There are specialised shops around the world which may have individual items but so far I do not know of anywhere which you access via the internet - or that would let you buy them at prices similar to those in the local markets. Perhaps someone will see this and post a response. Good luck, Pamela
Susan Stem posted 12/13/02 3:47 PM     Click here to send email to Susan Stem  
Pamela- Your forum is a most welcome addition to the Web and the world. Regarding the request for Vietnamese textiles: my website www.tribaltrappings.com will include some carefully-chosen pieces from Vietnam as soon as I get the textile section up. Sorry that it's not ready yet, but within the month we hope to offer tribal pieces from SE Asia (where we are located), Central Asia, & Indonesia. Textiles are a passion with me, so there will be an everchanging selection. Of course, prices won't be like in the village, but they won't be like an art gallery in the west either.

Based in N. Thailand, we specialize in the artifacts of the world's tribal cultures, especially those in SE Asia, Indonesia, Central Asia and the Middle East
posted 12/13/02 8:14 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela  
Thanks very much Susan. I will add a link to your tribaltrappings site to my recently updated links page. Katie, you might also like to look at http://www.ethnoecho.com/index.html which I added to the links page yesterday. They seem to have some nice pieces from 'southern China to northern Vietnam'. Some excellent photos and textile techniques on the site. I am pleased to be able to add links such as these to the site. Pamela

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