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Author Topic:   Rajasthani Camel Cover
Richard posted 3/21/03 1:43 AM     Click here to send email to Richard  
Hello, Thought it might be fun to get your reaction to this one. This is a beautiful old camel decoration textile from the Thar Desert region near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan near the Sind area of Pakistan. Approx. 69 x 54 inches. The textile is fine applique work on handloomed red and blue cotton material. The designs are skillfully rendered. The textile is put over the camel's hump, therefore the hole in the middle, and it was used for festive occassions such as weddings, festives, parades, etc. I see a lot of similarities with some of the Hmong textiles in my collection. Any thoughts and references appreciated. I do have a fairly good source for similar items if there are any collectors interested. Best as always. Richard

Pamela (Moderator) posted 3/21/03 7:59 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela  
Yes, Richard, a very nicely worked and designed piece and certainly appeals to me. Very 'crisp'. Good photos to show of the sharpness of the sewing. As far as techique is concerned it is very different from Hmong. It is actually nearer to San Blas reverse applique work or even Hawaian where the complete top layer of fabric is cut back and needle turned to reveal the one (or various fabrics in San Blas) below. Very much a 'paper-cut' technique. Hmong work is usually applique in the true sense where individual pieces of fabric are applied on top of a layer of fabric. The designs to me look nearer to some of the embroidery in Hmong rather than their applique designs which are often more circular than straight lines. (Just to get things going!) Pamela
Sandra Shamis posted 4/18/03 2:17 AM     Click here to send email to Sandra Shamis  
Hi Richard, I'm still catching up with you! The piece is very beautiful, and interesting from another perspective-further into Pakistan begins the carpet area of Central Asia, and almost all camel garb is kilim or flat or pile weaving, and in wool. The Thai decorate elephant covers, usually with supplementary weft. The few I have are really in poor shape, since they are often used below bamboo perches. Be
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