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Author Topic:   Muong textile
olivier posted    01/22/03 12:32 AM

Hello, I recently purchased a 6 ft by 3 ft weaving from a lady whose husband served in Laos in 1971. He reportedly bought this textile from the Muong minority when he was there. I have enclosed a link, I hope the pics will show up. My question is: does anyone know this type of weaving? Is there any information available about Muongs in Laos (perhaps she heard Hmong and understood Muong)? From the pics, can anyone tell me if it looks 30 years old? Thanks in advance, Olivier (Paris, France)


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Unfortunately when I was archiving this thread I lost all the posts!  However, Olivier sent me photos of the weaving which I put up onto the web at the link above.   Neither Sandie Shamis nor I thought that the textile looked like any Muong textiles which we had seen.  I referred Olivier to Michael and Kim Be Howard's book "Textiles of the Daic Peoples of Vietnam" which has considerable information on Muong and their textiles - see full information in the bibliography below.

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