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Author Topic:   Laos/Mien Jacket
The Sun posted 3/10/03 2:15 AM     Click here to send email to The Sun  
I have a jacket that I believe is Mien, but has similar patterns as Laos textile. The jacke is reversible with one side being solid black with a combination cross-stitch (?)/pieced-quilted design w/ black velvet placed at the top back of the jacket. The entire other side of the jacket is pieced cross stitch of yellow/purple/black/green/white/pink. It has handmade metal buttons and pockets. I saw a woman wearing a vest that was very similar and asked her the origin. She told me that it was Mien and that she had paid approximately $500 dollars (US) for it in her home country (only the fronts had the cross-stitched portion). Can you tell me anything about this jacket? Will you please reply to my email address as I most likely will forget to check this site again. <<Lshams4550@aol.com>>Thank you. Lurlene Shamsud-Din
Pamela (Moderator) posted 3/11/03 10:34 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela  
Without seeing the textile or a good photo of it I am afraid that it is not possible to be of much help. Certainly many Mien in the last 60-70 years have adopted cross-stitch in their embroidery designs, probably more than most other ethnic groups in the region - although other groups do use cross-stitch sometimes. I would suggest that you try and have a look at a book full of photos of Mien costume which I have recommended already on this forum. The Yao: The Mien and Mun Yao in China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand (See bibliography for full details) Pamela

The Sun posted 3/12/03 0:15 AM     Click here to send email to The Sun  
Thank you. Lurlene
Sandra Shamis posted 4/18/03 2:25 AM     Click here to send email to Sandra Shamis  
I was the vice-president of the Laotian Handicraft Center in Berkeley for 10 years, which sold items from the Yao (Mien) and Hmong. Quite frankly, I cannot imagine anyone paying $500 for a vest. As for your jacket, most Mien jackets are made of pieces from various textiles, since western style jackets are a relatively new commodity. Any chance for
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