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Pamela on the exhibition stand in Hong Kong promoting the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK) in August 2001

This web site has been designed and compiled by Pamela A Cross, a UK based traditional and tribal textile enthusiast and collector.  The focus of her collection is on garments from around the world - and in particular southeast Asia and southwest China created using traditional spinning, weaving, sewing and dyeing techniques.  The website incorporates photographs taken over several years and particularly features textiles from Asia - China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam and has a concentration on the textiles of ethnic minorities in these countries.  The initial aim of the website was to bring together and build up over time Pamela's tribal textile research, photographs and textile collection and to share the results with other enthusiasts.

The website and, in particular, the interactive tribaltextiles.info/community forum has brought together fellow tribal textile collectors from around the world some of whom have been willing to contribute photos and information on textiles in their own collections.  See about us for more information about how this website started; the textiles link on that page for more information on Pamela's textile interests and contributors for summary information on other tribaltextile.info contributors.  

Pamela is shown to the left talking to a prospective student at a British Education Exhibition in Hong Kong in August 2001 as part of her then role as Director, International Office for the University of Kent in Canterbury (UK) She retired in 2006 and now concentrates on her various interests.

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