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The photogalleries are listed in the order of date of launch on the internet (in 2000 and 2001 on the pacross.net web site and from January 2002 on this site). Click on 'country' in the header above to go to the photogalleries grouped under individual country headings. It is planned to add a 'tribal grouping' heading and organisation of information in due course.

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Ge Jia textiles: baby carriers

Launched 05 January 2005

to 22K photogallery of Ge Jia baby carriers

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A photogallery featuring Ge Jia embroidered and wax resist baby carriers which were originally posted on the www.tribaltextiles.info/community forum and come from members' collections.

text and images © Pamela Cross, Andrew Dudley and Bill Hornaday top

Ma Tang village, Kaili city, Guizhou province, southwest China

Launched 24 December 2004

to 32K Ma Tang village photogallery

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A gallery of photos taken on 5 November 2001 at Ma Tang village which is within the Kaili city area, Guizhou province.  The village is a Geja village and frequently visited by tourists as it is near to the city.

all text and images © Pamela A Cross top

Kachin (Jingpho, Jinghphaw, Singpo) bags - Myanmar and north-east India

Launched 06 March 2004

to Kachin bags photogallery

Click on thumbnail for study

A small photogallery of Kachin (Jingpho, Jinghphaw, Singpo) woven bags created around the photos posted on a fascinating thread 'a puzzling bag' on the www.tribatltextiles.info/community forum which attracted contributions from forum members around the world culminating in an identification of the bag as Kachin, probably Jingpho (Jinghphaw, Singpo) and further photos of similar, beautifully woven bags. This small photogallery is an attempt to bring the photographic gems together for comparison and study.


Sandra Shamis' collection

Launched 03 February 2004

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Sandra Shamis has been a stalwart supporter and contributor to the tribaltextile.info/community forum since she first discovered it back in mid 2002. In the same year she sent to Pamela a selection of postcards made from photos of a few of her textiles and research photos which she had produced to share with friends. It is on these photos that this initial photogallery from her collection is based. See a personal statement from Sandra Shamis.

all text and photos © Sandra Shamis top

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