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This page is designed as a 'gateway' to information on textiles from the Philippines. Ever since July 2002 when Eric Anderson added a link to this site from his own domain I have been receiving plaintive emails asking 'where is the information on the Philippines?' I asked Eric to help me launch this portal with an article which he very kindly supplied on North Luzon highland textiles. There have been a couple of threads running on the forum with interesting photos posted and hopefully we can generate some more. Contributions from visitors to this website are very welcome to help build an information resource we may all find useful. Share your knowledge either by contacting me or via posts on the forum

Articles and Exhibition A few articles on textiles from the Philippines plus a web exhibition based on the exhibition of Filipino textiles from the collection of Myunghee & Peter Reimann shown at The Philippine Center, Philippine Consulate General in New York in February 2008.
Websites Some websites which focus on the culture, especially traditional textiles, of the Philippines.
forum Go to the www.tribaltextiles.info/community forum to find posts on textiles from the Philippines. Go to the 'Search' button in the top right of the screen to find all posts. Please join the forum to ask questions and to share your knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.
bibliography Based on the small number of books with material on the Philippines in my own library.
shops Under construction - Access a list of shops in Philippines selling textiles. (If you know of any good ones please contact me at comments). See a helpful forum thread on shops in Manila and the end of Greg Bloom's article (also included in the link above).
travel facts For basic travel facts (including map) go to the Lonely Planet information on the web. Check out the links they give for the Philippines.
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