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China: textile related shops

The starting point initially for the information below was 'The Guide to Asian Textile Collections', Second Edition, which was published in 2000 by the Textile Society of Hong Kong (ISBN 962-86077-1-5). This list was started following a request for information from a traveller preparing to visit Beijing and Shanghai. Before visiting any of the shops listed below please contact them to make sure that the shop is still in business and at the listed location.

I have not had the opportunity to visit any of the shops listed and take no responsibility for the accuracy of the comments and details given therein. I would be very pleased to be able to add to the details, including web links when discovered, as information becomes available. So, please contact me if you have any corrections or comments on the shops listed below and please share information on any new ones you find.

 Beijing Curio City Minority Crafts Shop

Carries a nice selection of Chinese embroideries and some accessories from the minority groups. #100 3/F Beijing Curio City, Dong San Huan Nan Lu, Beijing 100021, PRC. Tel: 677477-11-3053. Directions: Ask to be taken to Curio City (Guwancheng) - a multistory collection of antique shops at the foregoing address. There are also other shops selling textiles in Curio City.

 Five Colors Earth

Well-designed clothing incorporating old embroidered pieces. Opening hours 9.a.m. - 7.0 p.m. East Second Ring Road, North of Poly Plaza, Beijing, PRC. Tel/fax: 8610 6415-3839, email: uid@public3.bta.net.cn

Liu Li Chang Market

Old artists' quarter, now an antique centre with several places carrying Chinese embroidered pieces. Also a very good bookshop - the street is intersected by a busy road, go to the side without so many antique shops and the second shop on the left is a bookshop with no English name. It stocks many art books including ones on Han and Minority Chinese Textiles, some in English. The staff are helpful and some speak English.

Zhang's Textiles

Good selection of Han Chinese turn of the century embroidery: purses, pockets, skirt panels, etc. Framed and unframed. wood hat stands available. Hong Qiao Market, 3rd Floor Store #78, Beijing, PRC, tel: 6713 2301, fax: 605 1639, Pager 6838800-30602


 China Minority Dress

Workshop specialising in Japanese indigo dye and natural fibres to produce handcrafted, custom-made goods. Japanese and Western style clothing, bags, table runners, noren curtain and other products. 12, Lane 437, Fang Bang Middle Road, Shanghai, PRC

Shanghai-Lan, Chinese Hand Printed Blue Nankeen Co. Ltd

Printed blue nankeen is made of all cotton. Handwoven and printed with blue dye after paper stenciling. Various garments and arts and crafts are made from the printed material. Small museum portraying the history and making of the cloth and sales showroom are on the premises. 24, Lane 637, Chang Le Road, Shanghai 200031, PRC, tel: 021-6471-7947

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