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Welcome to the tribaltextiles.info website. On this site you will find mainly pictorial information on tribal textiles with a strong regional focus on southwest China and southeast Asia (currently more than 70 photogalleries and studies, articles and exhibitions as well as diaries of textile-related travel linked to the various country pages). The concentration is very much on textiles constructed from traditional techniques and worn as clothing. Where possible the textiles are shown in context, being made and worn in villages and towns by people for whom the textiles form part of their culture and indentity.

Go to the tribaltextiles.info/community forum to find a breadth of information on traditional tribal textiles mainly from south east Asia and south west China. Share comments and information with, and ask questions of, other textile enthusiasts on this valuable resource developed since 2003.

The tribaltextiles.info website was launched in January 2002 based on the tribal textile material originally published on the pacross.net website first launched in May 2000. The tribaltextiles.info site continues to be gradually expanded in both depth, breadth and contributors - watch what's new. Use the search engine to find information on this website and the forum. Prompt further development via the forum.

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If you have any comments on the tribaltextiles.info website please send them to us. If you have any general tribal textile comments or questions go to the tribaltextiles.info/community forum to share your thoughts and questions with an international community of enthusiasts.
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